Simulation of Descendants from Ancestors with Sequence Data

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Welcome to XSim.

XSim is a fast and user-friendly software tool to simulate sequence data and complicated pedigree structures

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  • An efficient Crossover Position and Origin Simulation (CPOS) method
  • Using ancestors with any density of variant information up to and including sequence data, which can be obtained for founders by sequencing or simulation
  • Complicated pedigree structures among descendants
  • User-defined parameters including allele frequencies, map positions, number of loci, chromosome lengths, numbers of chromosomes and mutation rates.
  • Both C++ and Julia versions are available

algorithm behind

A CPOS strategy is implemented to efficiently simulate sequence data and complicated pedigree structures.

Source code

C++, Julia

Authors and Contributors

Hao Cheng, Rohan Fernando and Dorian Garrick

Support or Contact

To use all features, please check the documents. Having trouble with XSim? Contact [email protected].

Citing XSim

Cheng H, Garrick D, and Fernando R (2015) XSim: Simulation of descendants from ancestors with sequence data. G3: Genes-Genomes-Genetics, 5(7):1415-1417.