Quantitative genetics Lab at UC Davis


Quantitative genetics Lab at UC Davis
  • Theory -- theory in quatitative genetics
  • Tool -- software tools for whole-genome analysis
  • Test -- analysis of real whole-genome data
  • People

    Cinque Terre
    Hao Cheng

    Hao Cheng got his Ph.D. in Genetics and Statistics (co-major) from Iowa State Univeristy. His research interest includes development of statistical methods and computational algorithms for quantitative and statistical genetics, e.g., genomic prediction and genome-wide association studies; development of software tools for whole-genome analyses; statistical models for –omic data.

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  • Publications

    Cheng, H., Kizilkaya, K., Zeng, J., and Garrick, D., and Fernando, R., Genomic Prediction from Multiple-Trait Bayesian Regression Methods Using Mixture Priors, 2018, Genetics, doi:10.1534/genetics.118.300650.

    Fernando, R. L., Cheng, H., Sun, X. 2017. A comparison of identity-by-descent and identity-by-state matrices that are used for genetic evaluation and estimation of variance components. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 2017;134:213-223.

    Cheng, H., Garrick, D. J., Fernando, R. L. 2017. Efficient strategies for leave-one-out cross validation for genomic best linear unbiased prediction. Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, 8(1), 1819.

    Lee, J., Cheng, H.*, Garrick, D., Golden, B., Dekkers, J., Park, K., Lee, D, Fernando, R. 2017. Comparison of alternative approaches to single-trait genomic prediction using genotyped and non-genotyped Hanwoo beef cattle. Genetics Selection Evolution 49 (1), 2. (*co-first author)

    Fernando, R. L., Cheng, H., Garrick, D. J. 2016. An efficient exact method to obtain GBLUP and single-step GBLUP when the genomic relationship matrix is singular. Genetics Selection Evolution 48:80.

    Fernando, R.L., Cheng, H., Golden, B.L., Garrick, D.J. 2016. Computational strategies for alternative single-step Bayesian regression models with large numbers of genotyped and non-genotyped animals. Genetics Selection Evolution 48 (1), 96.

    Karaman, E., Cheng, H., Firat, M., Garrick, D. J., Fernando, R. L. 2016. An upper bound for accuracy of prediction using GBLUP. PLoS ONE 11(8): e0161054. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0161054

    Cheng, H., L. Qu, D.J. Garrick, R.L. Fernando. 2015. A fast and efficient Gibbs sampler for BayesB in whole genome analyses. Genetics Selection Evolution 47:80.

    Cheng, H., D.J. Garrick, R.L. Fernando. 2015. XSim: Simulation of descendants from ancestors with sequence data. G3---Genes, Genomes, Genetics, doi:10.1534/g3.115.016683


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