Short Course

  Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis

Modern Programming in Genomic Prediction

June 24 - 28, Meyer Hall, University of California, Davis

What do people say about this workshop?

I love this workshop!!!!!!
I want to participate in the same course once more.
The course instructors are incredibly compassionate, positive, and supportive.
I like TAs most. They are willing to help you and patient. Also, they understand the material well so their explanation are easy to understand.
It is interesting and relevant to many parts of breeding, and hands on coding is always the best way to learn how to best use a program.
I learnt a very efficient language and in the process, learnt the programming of mixed linear model. Every topic is very well integrated with both learning goals.
I really like that we get to build our own package 'miniJWAS' from scratch. This actually helps me understand the complexity underlying other public packages/software out there much better. I'm not saying I understand 100% of what we went over in the past week, but I enjoy it and feel quite proud to have come this far!

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